Faddis, Kelly N., Howard, John J., and Stracener, Jerrell T.
21st IEEE International Conference on System Engineering (ICSEng)
Publication year: 2011

An essential element of a biometric system is the human machine interface (HMI), both from the user (administrator) and subject perspectives. The HMI has a significant impact on the performance of the system, as it is a key factor in the quality of the biometric sample collected. This paper will consider the implications of the HMI from the user perspective, analyzing the results of user experiences and training with the Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment (HIIDE) Series 4, a device used by the Department of Defense in Iraq and Afghanistan. Results of this task analysis will be in the form of recommendations and considerations for the development of future collection systems. The paper will conclude by presenting the Systems Engineering (SE) based process used in this analysis as well as recommendations for including select SE practices in future biometric system design and development.