As my time allows, I’ve been independently consulting on projects related to AI and identity since 2012. The problems in this space are challenging but also important to solve responsibly.  As a scientist, my goal is to provide impartial and objective advice, analysis, and reporting to the people I work with.

Types of projects I have worked on in the past are listed below.  If your organization is working on a problem in a related area, please contact me to inquire about my current availability.

  • General Policy and Strategy – Understand the legal, privacy, and policy implications of developing and implementing AI systems in public facing workflows.
  • Algorithm Audits – Ensure that in-house or third-party AI systems meet your organization’s goals.
  • Algorithmic Bias – Understand how AI systems behave on sets of diverse users.
  • Test and Evaluation of AI Systems – Measure the performance of AI systems across a range of metrics.
  • Expert Witness and Patent Litigation Testimony – What computers can and can’t do is increasingly being bound by a patchwork of state, local and federal regulations.  The outcomes of these systems are also increasingly being relied on in courts.  I provide scientific knowledge, source code analysis, preparation of expert reports, and testimony for litigation related to algorithms, data, privacy, and patent matters.